Utility auditing and
rate analysis

Energy Partners in Conservation is a customer oriented utility bill auditing and rate analysis consulting firm providing energy cost savings with no out of pocket cost.  We strive to develop meaningful relationships with our customers to provide a mutually rewarding service and experience. With energy costs always on the rise, our mission is to ensure our customers are not over paying on their utility bills.


The EPIC Process

Experts at EPIC will provide in-depth auditing of your utility bills to find errors in billing and overages. We will gather all historical utility bills necessary to provide you the most cost effective service possible. We will also review tariff rates to verify our customers are on the most cost effective rate. Our entire process is completed remotely so that we do not interrupt our customers work-flow. In addition, our experts will suggest best practices, which can also improve your bottom line.

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The EPIC Compensation

EPIC provides its services of utility auditing and tariff rate analysis free of charge. When EPIC is able to identify and secure energy cost savings for our customers, only then will we bill based upon the savings making the relationship mutually beneficial. If savings is not identified, you pay nothing.

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About EPIC

EPIC is a national utility auditing and tariff rate consulting firm based out of St. Louis, Missouri. EPIC has experienced Certified Energy Managers on staff with 10+ years of experience in utility auditing and tariff rate analysis with $5,000,000+ in first year savings identified and secured.

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